Ep. 11 - Tank Utility: Enabling Smart, Connected Fuel Deliveries - The Early Stage Podcast

When evaluating all the potential founders to ask on the show, I came across one I hadn't heard of before, Tank Utility. Founded by a few guys from EnerNOC, a smart metering startup that went on to great success, this startup focuses on the propane industry -- a sector largely ignored by startups and innovators. From walking into a frigid ski home with frozen pipes to prototyping and launching their propane tank level monitoring device in market, CEO Amos Epstein and his co-founders think they're onto something special. With a round of funding in the bank and lots of green space to capture with its inside sales team, Tank Utility is ready for a big 2017. You can reach Amos @TankUtility on Twitter. Make sure to tweet me @JohnnyStartup with the hashtag #EarlyStage with questions, banter, and recommendations for guests on the show. If you like Early Stage, please leave a 5-Star review on iTunes or Stitcher!
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