Caneel Joyce (Executive Coach) on Becoming an Exceptional Leader (Part 1) - AR Show

Caneel Joyce is an executive coach to founders and CEOs of high growth companies and startups. She is also a partner at Evolution, a collective of coaches, trainers, and culture builders who helps companies like Slack, Radiology Partners, and Snap scale without losing their souls. Caneel is focused on creating better leaders and company cultures. As an executive coach, she has personally worked with individuals and teams from Slack, Snap, Amazon, Disney, and even a past guest of this podcast. Caneel received her PhD in Organizational Behavior from UC Berkeley, and was a tenure-track professor at the London School of Economics, before shifting her focus back to where her career started, which was on high-growth, technology startups. This conversation is a little different. While this podcast primarily explores augmented reality through the lenses of guests, we also seek to discover lessons that apply to life, leadership, and entrepreneurship. In this conversation we’re going to focus less on AR and more on leadership and culture - particularly as they apply to entrepreneurs and their startups. My conversation with Caneel has been split into two parts. In this first part, Caneel and I talk about what holds many of us back from being exceptional leaders. We go on to discuss some of her experiences as a coach, when startup founders should start thinking about coaching, and what to look for in a coach. We also talk about Caneel’s own journey and her pursuit of growth. You can find all of the show notes at
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