07: To Our Younger, On-again, Off-again, Pre-and-postpartum, Creative Selves - Work, Play, Love with Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas

If this week’s What’s Going On?! segment were a Friends episode, it’d be titled, “The One Where Jesse’s More Nervous for PPP than Kona.” He and Lauren recap their perspective Pole, Pedal, Paddle races - spoiler: they both rocked it - and the super secret Picky Bars conference call they just took from the living room - spoiler: it’s a secret - before diving into these listener-instigated topics: * Lessons for your younger self * Training during and after pregnancy * On-again, off-again relationships * Making time/motivation/courage to do hard stuff Thinking big picture and not getting too wrapped up with the big-ness of a picture bookend the conversation in this episode. Some sage advice to their younger athletic selves translates into (very much in hindsight) lessons learned about themselves during their on-again, off-again relationship, including how they knew it was time to be together for real. Lauren divulges about the importance of not minimizing someone’s concern over exercising while pregnant nor the reality that it took a while to feel “like her” again, and Jesse shares his advice for supporting a postpartum partner. They finish with a proverbial snowball about making time for creative projects you might be putting off, which - shocker - applies to working out as well. Enjoy!
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