Episode 54: Ghost, Entities & The Paranormal - Rebel Guru Radio

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 54 - Ghost, Entities & The Paranormal In this Episode, Eric breaks through common misunderstandings in the paranormal community and upgrades your perspective to see ghosts and entities in a new light. Learn about the various possibilities that can be occurring and how interpreting your experience from a human perspective is a mistake. Enjoy! This podcast was recorded live stream over Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram on November 16, 2018. To see the video format, go to www.rebelgururadio.com/paranormal. In this show we cover: - Why entities are misunderstood - How to Exercise your psychic sense to enhance paranormal experiences - How to go Ghost Hunting - Upgrade your understanding of ghosts, entities and the paranormal. - How to logically investigate a situation - General guideline to discern real hauntings from fake ones - What do entities feel like Sign up for Dojo here: HBIDojo.com Magnetic Pill - Click to Purchase Related courses: Energy Beings High Gaurd Discussions with Eric - the Paranormal Sixth Sense Activation Plan Guild of PSI Book
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