Grammar Girl's Tips for Avoiding Communication Problems at Work - The Femails

Today’s teacher is Mignon Fogarty or Grammar Girl as she’s also known as on the world wide web, with her award-winning podcast, and multiple books. Mignon’s here to help us navigate communication in the workplace including language mistakes we’re probably all making, how to avoid office jargon in your communication, and should we be worried that Google is now helping to finish our sentences in our emails?   And because we’re here for that real-talk advice, be sure to stick around till after Mignon’s teachable moment because we’ll be answering your listener questions starting with how do you know if you should develop your current employee’s skills—or hire someone new who already has the skills you need.   You can submit your career questions for us to answer on future episodes by leaving us a voicemail at 844-FEMAILS   Show Notes: Career Contessa Instagram 844-FEMAILS (844- 336-2457) Grammar Girl
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