You'll lose your heads listening to the Damn Dirty Geeks' podcast visit from actor Graham Skipper as we talk about his lead role in RE-ANIMATOR THE MUSICAL and a few upcoming, highly anticipated horror films. How does an actor follow up a benchmark performance in horror cinema? By singing his guts out and spraying the front rows of a theater audience with blood and guts, of course! Graham regales the DDG with his inside tales of performing as Dr. Herbert West in RE-ANIMATOR THE MUSICAL live on stage in both LA and Las Vegas. The original film's director Stuart Gordon adapted his work in 2011, adding music and lyrics by Mark Nutter to add another layer of horror insanity to this Lovecraft-inspired tale of terror. Graham also discusses his lead role in our own Frank Woodward's comedy short BALLOON, now available on YouTube and Vimeo, along with Graham's latest starring roles in Joe Begos' THE MIND'S EYE, and the upcoming horror anthology film TALES OF HALLOWEEN. Spend an hour with this very talented, funny and versatile actor who is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in genre entertainment as Graham and the Geeks put the first chills of horror on the 2015 Halloween season.
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