Ep. 6 - Fortified Bicycle: Theft Proof Bikes Made for the City - The Early Stage Podcast

Boston-based @FortifiedBike Co-Founder and CEO @TivanAmour is no stranger to big challenges. Launching "The Defender" on Kickstarter as a test netted thousands of orders for the theft proof bike light and gave him the confidence he needed to join Co-Founder @SlavaMenn. With a full bike now on the market, revenue ramping up hard, and positive cash flow in sight, Tivan and I dig into a number of juicy topics for early stage entrepreneurs. What is it like to have 40 investors on the cap table? What is the right cadence for reaching out to investors? Why did Cadillac only have a limited number of key versions made in the 1970s? What are the three jobs of the CEO? Is it possible to lower headcount and keep growing revenue? How does the focus of a startup change, or not change, when becoming cash flow positive? What is it like going through TechStars Will going to business school prepare you for entrepreneurship?
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