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Introducing How Do I Money? The Podcast! * What is the podcast all about? * * Learnin’ about money and having fun at the same time * Sharing real stories and lessons learned * Keeping money simple * Keeping money entertaining * Topics we will cover. * * Debt, Budgeting, Savings, self-employment, books, family. * Example: Ten easiest money questions ever. * Who are The Olsens? * * Married. KC. 1 lil kid * Voice actor * Fun facts! * Going to be at PM, FinCon, Launch out St. louis, HEAR now festival in KC. Shout out to everyone who was at the blog warming party. Contest! Subscribe, leaving a review and rating and email Derek derek @ howdoimoney.com Everyone who does that gets a free How Do I Money bumper sticker June 2016 only!
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