Seth Godin on Being Market-Driven & His Latest Book “This is Marketing” – Episode #127 - In the Arena

Seth Godin’s latest book “This is Marketing” is filled with industry truths that you simply can’t afford to miss hearing. On this episode of In The Arena, Anthony and Seth dig into the book’s brand-new insights and talk about the differences between being market-driven and being driven by marketing. You’ll hear how you can make a bigger difference in the world while changing the lives of those around you, and why truly ethical marketing encompasses layers of empathy and compassion. It’s a stellar episode not to be missed - listen now! The latest book from @ThisIsSethsBlog, #ThisIsMarketing is filled with #marketing and #sales truths that you simply can’t afford to miss. Get an insider’s look into the book on this episode of #InTheArena. @iannarinoClick To Tweet Marketing shouldn’t be about one to MANY, but it can be about one to many Years ago, marketers could succeed if they simply got their message in front of as many people as possible. However, that’s not the case in today's world. Seth explains that “Marketing shouldn’t be about one to MANY, but it can be about one to many.” By pursuing your smallest viable audience and adding value to their lives, you can avoid hiding behind the masses and actually make a difference in your organization and the world. Marketing should be done WITH people, not TO them. Seth exclaims, “Modern marketing is the generous act of helping others become who they seek to become,” and that cannot happen if you’re simply sharing a message with millions of people. “This is Marketing” teaches you to approach marketing as a teacher seeking enrollment In “This is Marketing,” Seth uses the analogy of teachers and students to explain how modern marketers should operate. It’s 100x easier to teach a person if they come to the teacher already interested in the subject. Ethical marketing should be about pursuing new enrollment audiences for your company, not just securing new sales leads. By approaching an interested person as a teaching opportunity and not just a sales statistic, you’ll be able to add value to their life while preserving their dignity. “#Marketing shouldn’t be about one to MANY, but it can be about one to many.” What does @ThisIsSethsBlog mean by this? Find out the answer - and so much more - on this episode of #InTheArena hosted by @iannarino. #marketing #sales #ThisIsMarketingClick To Tweet There’s a difference between being market-driven and being marketing-driven Seth tells Anthony about one of the greatest pieces of advice he had ever received. As a young professional, Seth exclaimed to a mentor that he was “marketing driven.” His mentor thoughtfully explained that unless Seth was driven by departmental deadlines and to-do lists, Seth was actually “market-driven.” When a marketer is market-driven, their main focus becomes answering the question, “How can I serve my audience better?” Seth believes, “Our contributions are the only things we leave behind. And if you focus on leaving a better contribution, you earn trust and attention, which gives you the platform to make more change happen.” His insights are best heard straight from the source, so be sure to give this episode your full attention. Truly great marketing cannot be about differentiation - it must be about positioning Far too many marketers become caught up in the differentiation game - eliminating competition simply because they’re afraid of losing business. However, Seth and Anthony discuss why truly great marketing is actually focused on honest positioning. If a marketer can outline the key differences between their company and the competition, as well as make the decision easier for the buyer by eliminating confusion, they’ve positioned their company well. Then, they can seek out “enrollment” students that are interested in the company’s culture and products. Seth’s book “This is Marketing,
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