Reshma Saujani: Disrupting Perfection - The Femails

Meet Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, Author of Brave Not Perfect, and a woman working to disrupt the perfection trap. Whether or not you identify as an official “perfectionist,” you can probably relate to wanting things to go a certain way, making an effort to avoid failure, and maybe even making the less risky career move. And that’s exactly how Reshma was living her life—in the safe lane but it wasn’t until she ran for public office and lost big time that she realized that being brave was so much better than perfect. On our final episode for season two, Reshma will share: On this episode, you'll learn: * How striving for perfection can lead to disappointment * Why women are more wired to be afraid of failure * And what you can do today to take your first step toward brave, not perfect.   Show Notes: 28-Day Career Kickstart Career Contessa Instagram Brave, Not Perfect The Femails Career Hotline: 844-336-2457
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