Slice of Pai on Instagram, Food Trends and Starting Out - We Could Make That

This is another in-between-isode where I talk to cool people in the world about the trends they’re seeing out and about, their favorite makers of the moment and exciting projects that they’re working on.    Today, I’m talking to Joann Pai, known to her fans on Instagram as @SliceofPai. Joann is a food and travel photographer currently living in Paris, though her work has been featured in publications around the globe, including Vogue, Saveur, The NY Times and Conde Nast Traveler. Her clients include everyone from the Shangri-la Hotel to Coca-Cola to the Gap, and a bunch of other big names in between. She’s also the co-founder of Slice of Paris, an Instagrammer’s guide to Paris and Acornmag, a collaborative food and lifestyle magazine.    On this show, we chat about how Joann got started and built her Insta following to over 140,000 followers(!!), what she’d do now if she had to start over and the top misstep she sees Instagrammers making when they take pictures of food.  Full show notes available:
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