REI Diamonds Show with Paul Sloate on 4th Quarter 2018 Economic Market Update - REI Diamonds-Real Estate Investment Podcast

Paul & I Discuss Slowdown Happening Across the U.S. in Housing Rental Trends in Phila, Chicago, Atlanta, & Miami Storm Clouds on the Horizon in Self Storage Trend Which Might Cause Depreciation in Real Estate   About the Quarterly Market Update Episodes The Quarterly Market Update with Paul Sloate is a Regular Quarterly Episode highlighting the current events and conditions happening in the country and the world as they relate to real estate investing.  The Quarterly Market Update is brought to you by expert economist Paul Sloate, Founder of Green Drake Advisors-a wealth management firm located in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  Paul has been a regular guest on the show for the last 3 years and continues to bring valuable and unique insight to the world of residential real estate.    Recent Episodes: (There are 119 Content Packed Interviews in Total)  Dave Lindahl on Multi Family Investing in Emerging Markets Andrew Holmes on 850 Flips & 180 Rentals Dan Breslin on Gentrification-Double Property Values Austin Stack on Generating $1 Million in 14 Months in Atlanta   More Info About Paul Sloate at: Green Drake Advisors  
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