010: How to Get an Art Agent with Gary Levine - The Inspiration Place

In this episode, art agent Gary Levine and I dive into the work of art agents and the process of having art licensed for use in manufacturing products. Gary Levine is the owner of the agency Roaring Brook. We discuss how the process works, what art agents are looking for and how much money your can actually make. For full show notes, go to schulmanart.com/10 In this podcast, you will discover... * (04:52) Who Gary’s main clients are * (05:29) How he primarily works with manufacturers to provided designs for their products * (06:06) How the process works from conception to actual products * (07:32) Discussing two different paths – manufacturers asking for a specific artistic concept and art being recommended to manufacturers from artists portfolios * (09:33) How manufactures are already planning for Christmas 2019 * (11:14) Who the taste-maker tends to be * (13:19) How do you keep your own style while appealing to manufacturers desire for current trends? * (15:21) Why it can be a good thing if an artist works in multiple styles * (17:22) Is it worth contacting an art agent if your style is very similar to artists they already represent? * (19:02) Some mistakes people make when submitting a portfolio to Roaring Brook * (19:59) The submission process Roaring Brook uses * (23:38) The number of artists Roaring Brook represent * (25:37) The income that some of their artists achieve * (29:04) Gary’s advice for artists
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