Episode 4: Felice Liao - Reflections

I’m a foodie. There, I've said it. Whilst searching for “the best Chinese food in Dubai” on our–mostly reliable–friend Google, I stumbled upon a name I hadn’t heard of before but that had raving reviews. Fifteen minutes later, I walked straight through the doors of TaiPei Dao. We ordered some amazing–and surprisingly healthy–food and just before we were about to leave the lovely owner came over to our table, and, well, that’s how it all began. Felice Liao is passionate about manifesting Daoist concepts of balance and harmony, especially in the domain of the foods we eat. Her TaiPei Dao Teahouse and Restaurant in Dubai reflects this passion in its menu and ambience. I met up with her at her restaurant and we had a very interesting and inspiring conversation. I’m sure you’re going to love this episode!
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