Navigating Grief Through Creativity, Humor, & Liza Minnelli - The Divine Breadcrumb

In this episode, Deb & Carol talk with the fabulous and hilarious Shua Potter. Shua is an actor, singer, speaker, a blogger, a drag queen, a Liza Minnelli impersonator, and even a wedding officiant! But first and foremost, Shua is a kind and compassionate human being, spreading his inspirational messages through humor and grace via his You Tube channel “Before Werk," and his blog. Shua recently lost his long-time partner, Landon, to a tragic accident. Shua shares how Landon impacted his his life and how it's important to "lean into your grief" and embrace your creativity after a loss. Shua believes his calling is to help reduce people's suffering through his creativity and humor and after spending some time with him, Deb & Carol can attest to the fact that Shua's vibe instantly brightens your day. Join Shua, Deb, Carol, and possibly Liza Minnelli (?!!) for a thoughtful and often hilarious discussion. Connect with Shua Connect with Carol and Deb:
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