Language Roundup - Podcast Brunch Club

Adela and Sara discuss the podcast playlist on Language, which included episodes from The Allusionist, Ologies, Twenty Thousand Hertz, and Hidden Brain. Then, as usual, they diverge from the assigned listening list to talk about the recent Podcast Brunch Club meetings that happened in Houston and Chicago and some of the recommendations that came out of those meetings. Here are links to the things we talked about: * Audible Feast article “The Helen Zaltzman Perfect Podcast Trifecta” * Sara’s favorite Ologies episodes: Trains (Ferroequinology) and Noses (Rhinology)* Podcast Brunch Club’s Citizen Science listening list * Punch Up the Jam (a comedy podcast about reviewing and rewriting the hits)* Gravy (the Southern Foodways Alliance documents, studies, and explores the diverse food cultures of the changing American South)* The Dropout (the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos is an unbelievable tale of ambition and fame gone terribly wrong)* Episode Party (two hosts and one special guest discuss three of their favorite podcasts)* The Gateway (a six-part series about Teal Swan, a new brand of spiritual guru, who draws in followers with her hypnotic self-help YouTube videos aimed at people who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts) Find out how Podcast Brunch Club works and get involved in the discussion! * Join PBC: newsletter, in-person chapter, Facebook Group, twitter, PBC subreddit* Join Audible Feast: website, newsletter, Facebook, twitter Audio editing and production by Steven Zampanti of 
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