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Terri Huggins Hart is a freelance writer by day, a Zumba instructor, and enthused pole dancer. Her work can be found in Redbook, The Frisky, Dance Magazine, Huffington Post, Bridal Guide and more. When she’s not writing, dancing or helping people find joy, Terri can be found volunteering for a cause dear to her heart and finding new ways to aggressively beat down debt. In this episode, Terri teaches us how to get started in freelance writing. She shows us that not only can freelance writing be a fulfilling career but it can also be a lucrative side gig too!   In this episode we cover: * What is a freelance writer? * The day in the life of a freelance writer (and new mom) * What to include in a pitch to an editor   Connect with Terri Huggins Hart:  Website: Instagram: @terrificwords Twitter: @terrificwords   Connect with Me:  Podcast Website: Facebook: @thethoughtcard Instagram: @thethoughtcard Twitter: @thethoughtcard    For all of the resources mentioned in this episode visit our website:
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