Real Estate Investing and Leaving a Legacy Behind with Acquania Escarne - The Thought Card

Acquania Escarne is the founder and CEO of RRD Investments, a real estate investment company focused on leveraging the power of real estate to create generational wealth. In addition to handling the daily demands of running RRD Investments, Acquania recently launched The Purpose of Money, a website for women focused on building generational wealth for their families. In this episode we chat about how to get started investing in real estate and ways to think ahead and intentionally leave a legacy behind for your family.    In this episode we cover: * How to get started investing in real estate  * Buy and rent vs. flipping houses * The mindset of a real estate investor * Ways to intentionally leave a legacy behind for your loved ones   Connect with Acquania Escarne: Website: Facebook: @rrdinvestments Instagram: @thepurposeofmoney Twitter: purpose_money   Connect with Me:  Podcast Website: Facebook: @thethoughtcard Instagram: @thethoughtcard Twitter: @thethoughtcard    For all of the resources mentioned in this episode visit our website:
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