Crohn's without Medication or Symptoms - The Story of Courtney Maiorino - The WellBe Podcast with Adrienne Nolan-Smith (getwellbe) - The WellBe Podcast (getwellbe)

When Courtney Maiorino was officially diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2012, she was prescribed steroids and immunosuppressants — and told that she’d be on the drugs for the rest of her life. This felt wrong to her, but her symptoms were too serious and her fear too great for her to refuse the drugs, and so she took them. But after years of side effects and an inner sense that she could feel better than she did, she sought out holistic ways to treat her Crohn’s disease, and, through years of ups and downs and pushback from doctors, eventually found a lifestyle that allowed her to live with neither Crohn’s symptoms, nor medications. Watch the video version of Courtney's amazing story here including what drugs she had been on, what her symptoms had been, and most importantly the tools she used to heal. For daily inspiration and information, follow @getwellbe on Instagram :)  xx Adrienne & Team WellBe
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