Episode 29 - One Fight At A Time - Not So Boring Conversations

Like the Ancient Greeks who competed in Pankration or the more modern boxing matches of our time, MMA (mixed martial arts) follows a history of people competing in one on one physical sports. Some people look at MMA fights as just two people senselessly beating each other up. Others see two determined combatants who have trained both physically and mentally, competing in hand to hand combat with the purpose of determining who is the better warrior, like a physical game of chess only with more blood. Determination and passion is something you need to excel at in this type of sport. Pro MMA fighter Kyle Preploc has both. I got the chance to talk with Kyle at Maximum Training Centre in Windsor where he trains and teaches. We spoke about being a Pro MMA fighter, preparing for fights, and his goal of reaching the UFC. One fight at a time.
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