DO INDIE GAMES MAKE LIFE BETTER? You bet your sweet ass they do! Welcome back to Weak Points. A shorter format (?!) podcast that focuses in on specific topics. This episode the original crew from episode one is back! It's more indie games that we love! Mark, Tony, and Dieter each bring three of their beloved indies to discuss and explore with each other while simultaneously firing off predictable dick jokes, witty interpersonal verbal insults, and the unavoidable dread and realization that we are adults now. We have spent our youth and now we face the back half of life where nothing is new and the pains multiply. Each of us knows that death is starting to get scarily close. In the back of our minds, everyday, there's a voice that gets louder and harder to ignore. It says, simply, "you are going to die". For some of us, maybe that day is coming soon. WHOA, THAT GOT DARK No shit. Welcome to being an adult. I mean really, the luckiest of us might have 40 more years before it's over. But is that truly what you would call lucky? Watching all of your friends and loved ones die? Your body slowly revolting against you until your existence finally fully compromises, robbing your mind of its last incredibly sad and lonely thought? No. That's not luck. But you know, we all gotta go sometime, so why the fuck not get silly and talk about the few things in life that make us happy!? INDIE GAMES! WHOA, YOU MADE IT NOT SO DARK I had to. I realized I was being a cynical Cyndi by saying awful things with a wink and a smile. Not everyone gets that I'm joking by magnifying the self aware mortality. I was. It also proves a point about what it means to be an adult gamer, and in turn illustrates how important an amazing game can have on your mental health. Besides, I already wrote the turnaround to end the last paragraph, so lets focus on our favorite interactive joys we brought to the table today. Let's turn up the mirth in this bitch and get down to business! SO, YOU EACH PICKED THREE GAMES...? Yup. The title of this episode is more indie games that we love. And we all take turns like nice boys. I'm not going to list them here, but if you must peek ahead and spoil yourself, you can always peek at the music credits below. I wouldn't do that, though. Why ruin the surprise? If you keep cheating yourself of these simple joys, that voice in the back of your head gets louder. Don't make it louder, enjoy your life and this long overdue episode of Weak Points. We truly love you. Rate us five stars on iTunes and give us money. MUSIC CREDITS: INTRO MUSIC: “Fillmore (8-Bit Remix)” - 2ND SONG: "By The Mallet Of Mario" - COMPOSED BY: PixlCrushr The Swapper - COMPOSED BY: Carlo Castellano 3RD SONG: "Alt Theme A" 4TH SONG: "Observatory" Ultimate Chickenhorse - COMPOSED BY: Vibe Avenue 5TH SONG: "Main Title" 6TH SONG: "Waterfall" Golf Story - COMPOSED BY: Joel Steudler 7TH SONG: "WellWorn Grove Challenge" 8TH SONG: "CheekyBeak Peak Course 1" Stacking - COMPOSED BY: Peter McConnell 9TH SONG: " Lounging Around" 10TH SONG: "Intro Cinematic" Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - COMPOSED BY: Ryan Henwood 11TH SONG: "Cetus" 12TH SONG: "Launch Into Deep Space" Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - COMPOSED BY: Liam Sauvé 13TH SONG: "Wait" 14TH SONG: "MELTEDTHREE" 15TH SONG: "PITCHFORK" Firewatch - COMPOSED BY: Chris Remo 16TH SONG: "Something's Wrong" 17TH SONG: "Camp Approach" 18TH SONG: "Stay in Your Tower and Watch" Cuphead - COMPOSED BY: Evan Skolnick 19TH SONG: " Introduction [Music]" 20TH SONG: "Inkwell Isle One" 21ST SONG: "Carnival Kerfuffle" Cave Story - COMPOSED BY: Daisuke Amaya 22ND SONG: "Cave Story (Plantation / Main Theme)" 23RD SONG: "Last Battle (Vs Undead Core Final Battle)" 24TH SONG: "Eyes Of Flame (Boss Theme #2)" 25TH SONG: "Meltdown 2 (Sand Zone)" Cuphead - COMPOSED BY: Evan Skolnick 26TH SONG: "Fiery Frolic" OUTRO MUSIC: Written and used with permission by Mark Peterson
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