429: Why Terminus Embraces Their Competitors w/ Sangram Vajre` - The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

The script has flipped. Embracing the competition? Aren’t we supposed to hate each other? Not according to #FlipMyFunnel founder and host, our very own Sangram Vajre. He emphasizes the power of bringing competitors together to cultivate growth.  FMF guest-host John Rougeux swaps spots with Sangram in this topsy-turvy #TakeoverTuesday episode. We learn about category creation versus category leadership, the advantage in building a community, having passion for the problem instead of the product, and more. John Rougeux is the founder of Flag & Frontier, a marketing consultancy that helps B2B startups stand out in crowded markets. Call me crazy but here's what I am doing - Text ABMisB2B to 33777 to receive a copy of Sangram's newest book. This is gift to YOU as a listener for a limited time! All I ask is for a review of the book on Amazon when you are done reading. Deal?  
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