#73 - Lou Cooperhouse of BlueNalu on Growing Better Seafood to Save the Oceans - Eat For The Planet with Nil Zacharias

Considering the state of our oceans with overfishing driving fish stocks to the point of collapse, rising sea temperatures, ocean acidification, and plastic pollution infiltrating even the most remote and pristine waters of the world, we desperately need to find a viable alternative to wild caught and farmed fish. Seeing this gap, Lou, along with his co-founders, launched BlueNalu and set out to find the best scientists and investors to make their cellular aquaculture dreams come true. In this conversation we cover: * The state of the commercial fishing industry. * How cellular aquaculture can provide a viable alternative to fish farming and the wild-caught products. * Issues within commercial fish today that BlueNalu hopes to solve, such as unstable pricing, fish mislabeling, and concerns over toxins, Mercury, and plastic pollution. * BlueNalu’s plans for roll out and the logistics and strategy that comes with creating a cell-based company. EXCLUSIVE OFFER for #EatForThePlanet Listeners: Get an extra 10% OFF Your Order of Complement – a vegan B12, D3, DHA/EPA Supplement from Alpine Organics! Click here: https://alpineorganics.co/pages/eftp?aff=eftp Get the Eat For The Planet book at https://eftp.co/   Show notes for this episode: https://eftp.co/lou-cooperhouse   Follow Nil Zacharias on Twitter   Newsletter signup: http://eepurl.com/cTT7Tv   Like #EatForThePlanet on Facebook   Contact us at eftp@eftp.co
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