Episode #1: What is an ecosystem builder? - The Keystone - A Podcast For Ecosystem Builders

You've heard of the "startup scene." You may have even heard of the "startup ecosystem." But have you ever heard of the "ecosystem builder?" What is an ecosystem builder? In this first episode of The Keystone, we take a dive into the world of ecosystem builders to discover exactly how they're impacting the world of technology and innovation. By listening, you'll learn how they answer the question, "What exactly is it you do?" You can learn more about The Keystone at www.ecosystem.builders! To keep up with future episodes, updates and resources, follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @thekeystonepod. Feel free to email me directly with any questions or feedback at Yuval@ecosystem.builders. This podcast is funded by The Schusterman Foundation, in partnership with Cue9 Podcasts. A HUGE shout out to Charlton Cunningham the magician. Without you, this show would not exist. Period. And thank you all for listening in! Looking forward to connecting again for Episode 2!
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