29: Balancing work, play and love, setting athletic goals that won’t burn you out, adjusting to a new child, changing an owner’s role in business - Work, Play, Love with Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas

You can experience pretty awesome wins in life. You know, like professionally competing in triathlons, breaking national running records, and growing your own business from scratch. But some days it all comes down to negotiating how many bites of food your five-year-old is willing to eat for dinner. This week’s show is all about that work-play-love balance. How do you try to excel in multiple areas of your life, and not end up feeling mediocre in all of them? How do you set athletic goals that won’t lead to burnout? How do you adjust to a new child in the family? And how can you change your role in a business you co-own with your spouse? Tune in to hear Lauren and Jesse answer those listener questions, and more.  
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