TIA Off-Season - WWE Youtube Rabbit Hole & Armageddon Stats - This Is Awesome? / Watching the Elite

Simply Ravishing! On this week's pod, your boys kick off a new off-season with a brief trip down a WWE youtube rabbit hole.  THEN, Chuck challenges Tom and Joaquin to square off in a game that's all about WWE's former December PPV mainstay: Armageddon. Grab your favorite flavor of La Croix and try to play along with the boys. Don't forget to keep hitting us up with awesome match suggestions @TIAPOD on twitter or at thisisawesomepod@gmail.com Everything TIA lives at thisisawesomepod.com If you rate and review our pod, leave a match suggestion in your review and we promise to talk about it on the air (and it even might become a full episode).
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