Watching the Elite #13 (Being the Elite Episodes 118-127) - This Is Awesome? / Watching the Elite

Welcome to episode 13 of Watching the Elite! The internet’s only podcast binging, recapping and annotating YouTube’s favorite pro wrestling show: Being The Elite Your hosts are the boys of This is Awesome? - Joaquin, Frank and Chuck. Each episode we cover a set of episodes of BTE on the road to... well we're not entirely sure right now. But when we know, you'll know. In this episode we are discussing Being the Elite episodes 118-127. Highlights from this block of episodes include: Marty's Party Planning, Ticking Clocks, Money Shakes and an exorcism even Emily Rose would be jealous of! If you have any questions, comments, or corrections please e-mail us at or hit us up @TIAPOD on twitter. Essential Elite Episode List - Youtube Playlist
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