#41: Five Star Status: Hospitality Secrets from the Best in the Business - The Next 24 Hours

Know that you need to improve your customers’ experience with your brand, but want to do it in authentic, simple ways? In this episode, I’m sharing the common denominator of 5-star hospitality brands that go above and beyond to delight their guests, along with common mistakes that brands make when they’re trying to be customer-centric. If you’re in the hospitality industry yourself, wanting to level up your customers’ experience in general, or representing a brand in any capacity, tune in! My calendar is filling up! To contact my team about bringing me in to inspire your people, click here: https://curtiszimmerman.com/contact/   To get a free Living the Dream wristband, visit my website: https://curtiszimmerman.com/   Or, sign up to get my Write a New Script e-workbook for FREE: https://curtiszimmerman.com/newscript/
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