TFS New Years Special - The Final Shot Podcast

THE BADGUY is back with a brand new YEAR END SPECIAL! They pick the guest of the year with nominations from Robin Black MMA, Steve Claggett, Scotty Olson, Manny Montreal Gary Kopas, @RyanFord and others. They pick their moment of the year? Was it Luke Spicer leaving the show or Adam Braidwood's chaotic year? We also pick the worst guest of the year and he won by a complete landslide...We get road trip memories, updates on Tanner's plans for the new year, a squad update, find out when Tanner's next commentary gig is, Derek's tries to talk Tanner into a garage gym (so he doesn't have to deal with his shit) some hilarious fan questions and they launch their own line of custom gloves. FINALLY an update on Adam Braidwood that will blow your mind! ALL THIS AND MORE brought to you by Onnit! for 10% off.
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