29-Year-Old French Entrepreneur Creates Light Without Electricity - #1166 - The Social Impact Podcast - Your Mark on the World with Devin Thorpe

Sandra Rey, 29, was participating in a student design competition with the theme “biology” and got to watching videos on YouTube of bioluminescent sea creatures when she thought there must be a way to replicate that natural technology. Five years later, her startup, called Glowee, is creating brilliant luminescent art installations for hotels and public spaces. While she admits, “We'll never replace the lights in your kitchen,” she hopes to create enough light and enough beauty to play a role in the world’s lighting mix to help reduce reliance on electric lighting. When she first started producing light, she says she’d have to get her lights in a completely dark room for ten to 15 minutes before she could begin to see the light. She’s made dramatic progress since. Read the full Forbes article and watch the interview here: http://bit.ly/2OjJNq3.
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