S2E9 / The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Sharing Opana & Syringes in Small Town Indiana - IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH with Dr. Celine Gounder

Opioid abuse is affecting small towns across the U.S. in unprecedented ways. In 2015, Austin, Indiana was ground zero for one of the biggest HIV outbreaks in U.S. history -- the end result of sharing Opana and syringes. Guests: Bekki, a resident of Austin and mother to an injection drug user who got HIV; Dr. Will Cooke, the only doctor in Austin; Wayne Crabtree, Director of the Office of Addiction Services at Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness; and Dr. Carolyn Wester, the Medical Director for HIV, STD and Viral Hepatitis at the Tennessee Department of Health. | www.insicknessandinhealthpodcast.com
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