MATT STOVER, 2x Super Bowl Champion, NFL Kicker: The Importance of Failure - The BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST with John Brenkus

Former NFL kicker and two-time Super Bowl champion, Matt Stover, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus.    A professional football kicker in the NFL for an amazing 19 years, Matt played for the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and Indianapolis Colts. One of his Super Bowl victories also happened to be on the same Raves team as former podcast guests Ray Lewis and Trent Dilfer! Matt’s remarkable career garnered him some amazing stats — he’s a two-time All Pro player, he scored the sixth most points in NFL history, and he is the third most accurate kicker in the history of the league.    As a kicker, Matt is no stranger to handling big moments under intense pressure and scrutiny. In this conversation, we go deep on failure and how to handle when things don’t go your way. We also talk about finding bigger purpose in being a teammate and serving others. We can all learn from Matt’s playbook on and off the field!   For full show notes, visit: | Contact: | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight (twitter, instagram, Facebook) and @johnbrenkus_ (twitter)
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