Episode 49 - The Impact Of Inflation, The Velocity Of Money And Rates on Real Estate - Real Estate Success With Jim Ingersoll

Enjoy this week's Real Estate Success Podcast, with special guest, Buck Joffrey as we discuss the impact of inflation, the velocity of money and rates on real estate in 2017 and beyond. Discussion points: * Why the financial planner's approach to 7% growth and 2% inflation won't cut it (soon) * Interest rates vs. the bond market  - Which is the leading indicator of what is coming soon * Quantitative easing and helicopter money.... and why it all matters * Velocity of money * A warning for "floater" investors * Impact of inflation on rents, prices and rates. * 2 Big tips for accelerating mortgage payoffs * Why debt can be good   Ready to take your investing to the next level? Join your podcast host, Jim Ingersoll, in the Investor Success Mastermind
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