Anton Krupicka on 200-Mile Weeks, Curiosity & Walking Into the Unknown. - YogiTriathlete Podcast

Growing up on his family's farm with 640-acres right outside his doorstep, it was almost impossible that Anton "Tony" Krupicka would avoid becoming a runner and adventurer of the earth. Inspired by his parents to remain curious about life Tony began his explorations at a young age. Fueled by his love for learning, a natural companion to curiosity, Tony attained his earliest education on running from pamphlets put out by Runner's World in the 1970s. The artistry of training the body intrigued Tony to no end and in preparation for his first marathon at the age of 12, he experimented with calorie counting, fasting and high mileage weeks. Tony continued running through high school and college which he attended in Colorado Springs via an academic scholarship. It was here that he was introduced to some of the most iconic running races like the Leadville Trail 100. Running 100 miles seemed quite impossible to Tony which was all the more reason to aspire to it. Led by his curiosity to test human limits, Tony eventually found himself at the starting line in Leadville in 2006, a race that would introduce him to the ultrarunning scene on a grand scale. Although he is most well-known for his achievements in the sport of ultrarunning and for being the face of several ultrarunning documentaries, Tony is also an accomplished climber, cyclist, and back country skier. He is hyper competitive but it's the intrinsic benefits that drive him to get out there every day and explore. Plagued by injury for most of his running career, Tony looks to other outdoor endeavors to keep his mind and body sharp. Tony is the quintessential student of life. He questions, he explores, he studies, he watches and although strong in his perspective, he is open to that of others. He is what I would call a life long beginner, someone who is open to new things and not afraid to follow the scent of joy. Thank you for tuning into the show today, we appreciate your support and if you enjoy it please go to Apple Podcast and leave a review for the show. Our goal is 100 by the end of August and we have 80 more to reach our goal. I know that together we can reach it easily so thank you in advance for your review.
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