From Refugee to Real Estate Land Developer - The Truth About Real Estate Investing... for Canadians

You can read Tahani’s bio here: How I like to introduce Tahani is she is living large.  A super successful real estate investor who started our buying new construction, has owned 39 properties and now constructs her own properties including a 48 town houses project. But she comes from the humblest beginnings having lived her early life in a Jordanian refugee camp.  Married at the age of 15 to a stranger and immigrating to a country she’s never heard of where we speak a language she did not know.  Tahani’s story of determination and entrepreneurial spirit inspires me and I knew I had to share it with all of you. My apologies if I sound off and you can hear my coughing as I’m getting over a cold but I couldn’t delay this interview because Tahani is in serious demand as an international speaker, author, business owner, investor, mother, etc… In this episode we discuss * What Tahani is all about * The major life changing event of getting married… at the age of 15 * Getting started in real estate * Focusing on real estate investments * Going six months before * Starting a business at a young age * How regular realtors and investors clash * Financing land development with all CASH * Contractor challenges * Sourcing deals for land development and developing those key relationships * The moment Tahani decided to learn everything there is about investing then to teach anyone who wanted to know. Her belief in abundance. * Investor agent certification: * What to look for and why hire an Investor Savvy Realtor * Tahani’s book for beginner and intermediate investors: * or email to connect  * Tips for raising successful, empowered children
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