15 - The Cup of Trembling: James Baldwin's Sonny's Blues - Books of Some Substance

Do you drink from the cup of trembling? Do you sup those dregs of hopelessness? Welcome back B.O.S.S. listeners. We continue our journey into the work of James Baldwin by reading the story "Sonny's Blues," a narrative about addiction, artistic creation, communion, destruction, existential dread, music's universal power, poetic prose, pragmatism, siblings, suffering, the trap of home, race, redemption, and what we leave behind. Once again, David and Nick find themselves trying to convince Nathan of the "substance" of the narrative. Does Nathan have his come-to-Jesus moment? Or, does he drink from the very cup of trembling?  Find yourself a copy of the story, read it, and join us!  To receive bad-ass artwork and hand-typed invitation letters (or if you want to see what else we have read (or check out Nick's novella)), go to our website: http://www.booksofsomesubstance.com/  FIND US ON:  INSTAGRAM    FACEBOOK    TWITTER        
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