Making This Moment a Sacred Moment / Conditioned Mind Expert Michael Cupo - Spiritual Fizz

Reflect about how this moment right now can become a sacred moment. We're continuing our discussion with Michael Cupo and his 4 principles of the conditioned mind. In this episode we’ll be talking about the principle of understanding, and how we can become more aware of our true self. Learn about upcoming mindful events and spiritual observances like Samhain which is a pagan holiday that some people consider to be the Wiccan New Year. Show Segments * Intro: 00:00 * Spiritual Reflection: Making This Moment a Sacred Moment: 00:50. * Spiritual Events and Observances: Samhain: 02:00 * Featured Guest: Conditioned Mind Expert Michael Cupo: 03:50 * Outro: 37:35 Our Featured Guest Michael Cupo is an expert on understanding and communicating about the thought processes that underly our conditioning so that we can become more aware of our true self. He’s also the author of the book It’s Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts. You can find out more about Michael and his work on his website. Show Resources and Links The Pagan holiday Samhain. The Hindu festival Navaratri. Join our Spiritual Community Today Get exclusive access to podcasts, videos, our private Facebook group and more. Available only to Spiritual Fizz subscribers.  Find out more about the Spiritual Fizz Podcast Please support us by subscribing to this podcast on iTunes and tell your friends about us. We look forward to being with you next time when we talk more about the connections between the spiritual and physical worlds.
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