Robert Brus: Incremental Growth and Going All In - OUTPERFORM Podcast

“There’s no such thing as can’t, cold, sharks or too fast.” —Robert Brus. I still have absolutely no idea what that quote means (maybe it’s an Aussie thing :)) but in this podcast episode, Robert Brus and I discuss the importance of having a mindset of incremental growth, how he “goes all in” in his personal and professional life and his advice for battling back from adversity and tough times. Rob started in the Australian Defense Force when he was 17 years old and traveled the world as a Combat Systems Operator for the Royal Australian Navy. Now, Rob seeks to pay it forward by hosting the Go All In podcast (available at on iTunes at and on all major podcasting platforms), where amazing people share stories of triumph and heartache to help others GO ALL IN. He also helps entrepreneurs amplify their message through his own digital marketing and podcast booking agency ( Please follow Rob everywhere on social media and show notes for this episode can be found at Enjoy!
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