Autumn Reeser: When You Go High, You Also Go Low - The Femails

Actress Autumn Reeser had her whole life planned out. Marriage, successful career, kids, and more. But then she was hit with a divorce, lack of emotional support, and even postpartum psychosis. Autumn’s vulnerability has led her to share that, until recently, her version of “having it all” definitely didn’t include room for messy moments. The result was that she was preoccupied with the idea of doing more, doing it perfectly, and of course, ignoring whatever wasn’t working—until the moment of meltdown came for her anyway. So, while this episode is less “career advice”, more life perspective, this episode covers how Autumn’s perfectly planned life transitioned into Plan B—or maybe even Plan D or E—and how her resilience has created a new version of herself.   Show Notes: Autumn Reeser Instagram  Postpartum Depression: Inkblot: online counseling The Journey PPD ACT   The Postpartum Progress Site Mental Health Resources: Talkspace: online therapy Anxiety Depression or Bipolar Disorder Schizophrenia Obsessive-Compulsive Thoughts and Behaviours Self-Harming  
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