Ep 138. Andrew Stern: The Best Work of Your Life - Work and Life with Stew Friedman

Andrew Stern co-leads the Learning & Development team at Squarespace in New York City. Prior to joining Squarespace in June 2018, Andrew held several roles on Bloomberg's Talent Development team and worked as a human capital consultant at Deloitte. He serves on the advisory boards of Own The Room and GenHERation. Andrew graduated cum laude from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Organizational Effectiveness. He is an officer of the Wharton Alumni Club of New York. In this episode, Stew and Andrew (who was Stew’s student at Wharton) discuss what millennials want from their employers and how Squarespace is responding with cool programs and practices that attract and retain millennial talent. Andrew describes benefits that go beyond what he calls “world-class health care insurance,” such as the organization’s commitment to providing each employee with two fully comped websites they can use for their own outside businesses or other interests. Andrew talks about the purpose and value of affinity groups, including one that isn’t just supportive of “dog-friendly” policies but also supports Halloween dress-ups for dogs. Andrew explains that Squarespace aspires to be an employer that enables all of their employees to do the best work of their lives and where employees are hired to push the boundaries of what’s possible in their respective domains.
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