Ep. 10 - 3Derm: Teledermatology Made Practical - The Early Stage Podcast

Liz Asai, Co-Founder and CEO of Boston-based digital health startup 3Derm, joins me on the pod this week. From the dorm rooms of Yale to product launches with some of the top hospital systems and payers in the country, Liz teaches us the power of patience and perseverance. For a healthcare startup to succeed, it needs to pass a wide range of tests, regulations, and coverage approvals -- and finally prove it's mettle against a constantly improving status quo. 3Derm has done exactly that over the last four years with its teledermatology platform that allows non-dermatologists to take clinical quality 3D skin images remotely. With a product solidly in market and plans to scale, her team is jumping headfirst into its next stage of growth. You can reach Liz @liz_asai Make sure to tweet me @JohnnyStartup with the hashtag #EarlyStage with questions, banter, and recommendations for guests on the show. If you like Early Stage, please leave a 5-Star review on iTunes or Stitcher!
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