Hollywood Director COLE WALLISER on Personal Branding & Film Making - Thinkspace Podcast

This week we are joined by Hollywood film director Cole Walliser on the show. Working with names such as Katy Perry, P!nk, and Miley Cyrus, Cole has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest stars in show biz.   Today it is our honor to have him speak on his highly decorated career. We hope you get as much value from this conversation as we did.    Substance: Where to draw the line and determine your creative value  Humble recollection of Walliser’s experiences with celebrities Work-life balance and the importance of mastering your craft    For full show notes, references, further reflections and more head to our website at www.thinkspacepodcast.com/cole-walliser   connect with Cole Walliser @colewalliser   connect with the thinkspace podcast @jossbiggins @selfhired @thinkspacepodcast https://www.thinkspacepodcast.com https://www.selfhired.com
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