020 - Alumni Relations - PIKE Podcast

The purpose of alumni relations is to ensure that alumni remain involved with the chapter through events and communication to help in the promotion, advancement and support of the mission and goals of the chapter. At the chapter level, we stand on the shoulders of the men who came before us. An investment in your alumni relations program is an investment in those men as well as the best way to highlight the bigger picture outside of your undergraduate years. Director of Alumni Engagement Michael Riedl (Kansas, Beta Gamma ’16) joins Jarrett to discuss effective alumni relations, the components of a successful program and the resources available to our chapters. Resource Links Discussed: PIKE Blog - Alumni Relations (https://www.pikes.org/blog/2018/02/07/alumni-relations) Handbook - Alumni Relations (https://www.pikes.org/~/media/pikes_org/images%20and%20documents/resources/1-1%20chapter%20resources/1-1%20position%20handbooks/alumni%20relations%20handbook%20-%20nov16.ashx?la=en) Chapter E-Newsletter Guide - MailChimp (https://www.pikes.org/~/media/pikes_org/images%20and%20documents/resources/1-1%20chapter%20resources/mailchimp%20tutorial%20dec2015.ashx?la=en)
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