De La Fit Podcast season 2 ep. 20 Interview with Mr. JahSun - De La Fit Podcast

Social media challenges have become a common part of our culture, It's normal to see individuals doing strange and out of the ordinary things in the cyber world for likes and attention, but out of the darkness and randomly mediocre enters a shining light introducing "JahSun" the man that created the now famous "21 day Semen Retention Challenge" that has garnered attention from men all over on social media. Now what Is A Semen Retention Challenge, you may ask? Well let's think of it as a 21 sexual fast, that's right 21 days straight of no sex, or sexual provocative activities. Find out what would make men willingly abstain from sex here on the De La Fit Podcast. If you would like to get in contact with JahSun contact him at the links provided below. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Voice Messages
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