Exclusive Gaming - The Full Tech Podcast: PC Gaming Podcast, Nintendo, and Helpdesk Support

Exclusive Gaming – Full Tech Podcast Episode 33 Why can’t gamers just get one central thing to play games on? We talk about all the exclusives in the world. With Steam, UPlay, EA Origin, even with Epic Launcher jumping into the Mix. It’s time we take a look an in-depth look at Consoles and all the Exclusive Gaming that PC now requires with all their launchers. Topics: * Console Exclusives Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox * PC Game Launchers – Steam, UPlay, Origin, Blizzard * History of Steam Don’t forget to hit subscribe!!!!!! How to Find Us? Want to advertise on Kentuckynerd.com? Email advertise@kentuckynerd.com Listen on iTunes and Google Podcasts Join the KN Podcast Network Discord – https://discord.gg/GdDMd83 Patreon’s get an exclusive role and channel on Discord! Oh, yea… We now have a Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/kentuckynerd Official Links Twitter // Facebook // Website // YouTube // Subreddit
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