Memory: Podcast Brunch Club Discussion with Rebecca Seidel [Episode 11] - Podcast Brunch Club - Podcast Brunch Club

*note: this will be the last episode of the PBC podcast for a while Today I discuss the PBC podcast playlist on Memory with Rebecca Seidel, chapter leader of our New York City chapter. Here are links to some of the things we talked about: The Memory podcast playlist Spoke – social audio app (where Becca works) Hyperthymesia – condition of possessing an extremely detailed autobiographical memory Becca’s podcast pick: Heavyweight podcast from Gimlet Media. Start with the episode entitled “Jesse." Join Podcast Brunch Club: Get the newsletter Join/start an in-person group where you live Join online Support Podcast Brunch Club Become a patron on Patreon and get additional content Sponsor/advertise with PBC (we offer independent podcaster rates) Save money & support PBC at the same time. Referral links for cash back on online purchases using either Ebates or Mr. Rebates. Next up (January 2018) theme and podcast playlist: Space If you have comments or reflections on any of the episodes featured or our discussion, send an email or voice memo to
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