Trade Stocks Full-Time and Travel with Teri Ijeoma - The Thought Card

After getting denied vacation time for the third time and having a friend pass away abruptly, Teri Ijeoma decided that life was too. Teri eventually quit her job to trade stocks full-time and she is now an entrepreneur, day trader, and real estate broker who encourages people to become knowledgeable in stocks and real estate.   In this episode we cover: * What is a stock? * What is a brokerage account? * How Teri transitioned from working full-time to making over $1,000 a day trading and traveling. * How to talk to your boss about pursuing professional development opportunities.   Connect with Teri Ijeoma: Website: Instagram: @imaninvester   Connect with me: Facebook: @thethoughtcard Instagram: @thethoughtcard Twitter: @thethoughtcard    For all of the resources mentioned in this episode head over to:   Also if you enjoyed this episode, please consider supporting me as a creator by donating $1, $5, $10, or more through​ Juble it! a tip jar for creators:
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