44. Hocus Pocus - Load Bearing Beams

In an extra-scary episode of the show, Laci "R.I.P." Roth and Matt CHOKES talk about the classic Disney Halloween film Hocus Pocus (1993). But wait... classic? This pile of garbage?    Also, hear our abbreviated thoughts on What's Eating Gilbert Grape in lieu of an actual episode on the film, and then we review Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House.    Time stamps: Hocus Pocus: 01:29 What's Eating Gilbert Grape?: 37:50 The Haunting of Hill House:  41:38    Do you want us to talk about YOUR movie? Leave a review of our podcast on iTunes, and in your review give us the name of your load-bearing beam and why it's so important to you.   Website: www.loadbearingbeams.com   Twitter: @LoadBearingPod YouTube: LoadBearingBeams
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