TFS Episode 35 KO Boxing Break Down - The Final Shot Podcast

The boys are back from yet another road Trip to Edmonton to the KO BOXING 84 Show. Tanner goes over his first bilingual commentary gig with, gives a post-fight break down that is both hilarious and educational, talks about getting his face waxed for TV, talks of his trip to Lino Santoro's boxing gym/garage, he does a 1-hour podcast for Empire Boxing only for it to get deleted within the day, he gives up updates on Ryan Ford latest Boxing Fight, more talk of Adonis Stevenson and David Lemieux, some brief MMA talk, Derek's acceptance as legit media person the community(Mike Kennedy) brings him in and takes him in as an understudy, they stop by The Clinch Fight Shop and set up a discount code for all listeners of the show and pick up some badass gear, the guys finish off the episode with Tanner going on a *Date* with a hottie (which his wife set up) and Derek visiting Legends Massage! Is it true? Find out on Canada's Number One Combat sports podcast! Check out the gift guide this Season and use TFSPODCAST and get 10% OFF EVERYTHING!
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