EP 42 - The Art of Learning | Inverted Gear founder Nelson Puentes - The BJJ Mental Coach Podcast with Gustavo Dantas

Nelson Puentes is a black belt in jiu-jitsu and the founder of Inverted Gear. He started the company from his parents' basement in 2012 and has grown the company to an international brand in 2019. Great conversation and at one point I asked him about a piece of advice to the listeners, and his answer inspired the title of the podcast The Art of learning. At the end of the interview, I expand on his concept based on an amazing book by Josh Waitzkin called the Art of Learning. I share with you three concepts featured in the book and how you can utilize in your journey. Subscribe, rate and review the podcast! I would love to hear your feedback about the show, you can reach me at info@thebjjmentalcoach.com Enjoy the podcast! OSS! Gustavo Dantas
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